PNBR 2021 Check In!

We’re getting a flood of emails asking about parking, lodging, afterparties, etc…

19103 is the answer to all of your burning questions. We’re starting and ending within 2 flat-ish miles of that zip code!

The route is over 10 miles. So start warming up now 🌈🚲🍑😎

Regarding afterparties… We started planning late, unsure about what a ride would even look like this year. One thing that was clear to the organizers is that we’d like to support Philly Restaurants and Bars. Covid hit the industry hard, and many establishments closed (including a past PNBR host). We’re doing our best to find establishments that can host riders, but we’re not ready to make an announcement yet. We don’t want to overwhelm any business, and we want to make sure they can handle an influx. Wherever you choose to go… be kind, tip your server, and be sure to tell them PNBR brought you to Philly for the evening! 😁

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