Thank you for Riding!

Oh what a night?! Incredible!

Thank you, PNBR!! Thank you for showing up with enthusiasm, love, and joy! This was such a great way to finish Summer of 2021, and something we all needed to remind us of what we have to look forward to.

To our favorite activist and PMA Pizza Man, @joecoxanactivistforequity thank you for giving us a peek into your life and spreading the word about PNBR. You’re our local celebrity, and we don’t doubt that strangers will continue to ask you why you’re wearing clothes or when the next ride is. 😆

Street Team/Organizers.. thank you!! The summer months of meetings and test rides were full of joy. Andrew, Carl, Dasey, Janice, Joe, Mike, Paul, Steve… thank you for putting in the road time to test and tweak the route. You kept this ride moving, and it was exhilarating! To the organizers who come together over six months each year to bring this together… thank you for your time and dedication! The collective knowledge is what makes PNBR better each year.

To our Lead Facilitator, Wesley, you were wonderful! You developed a KICK ASS route, and your sunny attitude brought us together again over months of planning and testing. Thank you for your hard work, and leading us through a great day!

Thank you @ravenlounge!! We hope our riders kept you busy, and brought their joy to the afterparty! Here’s to many more!🍻

We look forward to Pre-Rides where you can paint a stranger, mingle, give random hugs, and unmasked events so we can see each other’s smiles again. We hope next year, is back to the normal that we’re used to. But you know what, if The Rona is still lingering, your presence yesterday showed us we can do what we love no matter what. Thanks again, and we’ll see you next year!

Be Healthy
Be Safe
Be Naked


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