PNBR 2019 Ride Date is HERE!!

Let’s get right to it! We’ll see you:

August 24th 2019, we ride at 5 PM!

As always, we’ll host pre-ride festivities which will start earlier in the day! More details to come on the pre-ride! We’ve ridden in chilly weather the last two year’s so we’re moving the ride up two weeks, so let’s hope it’s a scorcher! We hope to see you all there!

HUGE AfterParty News

HUGE NEWS about the Philly Naked Bike Ride Official After Party!
This year, Naked Grouse will help take the party to new heights as the party’s official sponsor. They’ll help us light up Warehouse on Watts with:
– “#LiveNaked Awards” with AWESOME PRIZES
– BIG LAUGHS from local celebrities including Drew Bev Gaver
– MORE FUN WITH PAINT at the #PNBR Selfie Station and Body Painting Self-Portraits
– DANCE, MUSIC, and MORE!!!!
Chewys Philly Food Truck and J.Zavala Catering will have KILLER FOOD for purchase, too, with vegetarian and vegan options available! PLUS sweets from Crème Brolée.
Come party with us BARE AS YOU DARE!
Media have been invited to document the after party. We’ve asked that they adhere to the standard PNBR photo policy. See our website for details.
This is going to be the biggest after party EVER so don’t miss out.
Save $8 by getting your tickets ahead and RSVP:



Prepare for the Ride

What to Prepare for the Ride

It’s less than a week to the ride!!! Are you getting excited to ride naked (or barely naked)? There are some things that you should do to prepare for the ride.

Riders: The ride is free and there is NO Registration. Just show up and have fun! Because of the Virus, there will be no organized pre-ride activities in 2021.  Just arrive at the Starting place after 4:30 p.m,, and the ride will start at 5pm and should last about 2-1/2 hours.  Stay tuned to this site, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the starting location, route, and other information. The details will be posted 24 hours prior to the start of the ride. In addition, see below for other things to consider:

  • Make sure your bike works.
  • If you need to rent a bike, PNBR is not associated with any local bike rental companies. PNBR does suggest renting a bike for the day versus using Indego, as renting will be less expensive. Please bring your own towel if you’re renting!!  While this is NOT an endorsement, Wheel Fun Rentals will be close to the route of the Ride.
      • You might want to plan for these things:
        • Clothes for after the ride
        • A way to carry your clothes with you or on your bike
          • A way to keep those clothes dry if it rains (We still Ride)
        • Shoes
        • Helmet (highly recommended)
        • Cash for emergencies, post-ride activities, and to donate to PNBR.
        • Phone
        • Water
        • Patch kit
          • Better, an extra tube, tools, and pump
        • Bandaids
        • Sunblock
        • Bug spray
        • Decorations for your body and your bike
      • Remember to keep your clothing with you, in case you have to leave the Ride.

[Volunteers: There is still time to sign up to volunteer for next year. Contact us at and include Volunteer in the Subject line.]  It’s too close to the Ride to have time to get you oriented this year, but please say “Hello” at the Donations & Water table.

Everybody: Read the Code of Conduct.

25 days till PNBR #10

Stay tuned to social media for the starting location! We will announce 24 hours prior to the ride. The Pre-Ride Festivities will begin at 2:30 pm. DIY Bodypainting will shut down at 4:30 pm, and we’ll depart promptly at 5 pm!

If you haven’t already done so, get your tickets for this year’s official afterparty at Warehouse on Watts. The Eventbrite tickets are on sale right now! $12 advance/ $20 at the door!

We’re so excited to see you all! We can’t wait!!

PNBR 2017 Is Here! 

We will see tomorrow, starting at 3 PM, at the Glendinning Rock Garden! We ride at 5 PM!

Starting at 3 PM, bodypainted vounteers will be at the museum to direct you to the ride! Bathrooms are located at Lloyd Hall, a short distance away from Glendinning Rock Garden. 

When we arrive at Eakins Oval (end), we’re taking a mass photo from the museum steps! We’ve never done it before, and we’re excited!


Q: What is Philly Naked Bike ride all about?

A: PNBR is about: Riding together to promote fuel conscious consumption, positive body image, and cycling advocacy. Ride with us and bring your own message!

Q: Whose idea was this anyway?

A: The Philly Naked Bike Ride is just one of many that are part of the World Naked Bike Ride movement. The first international naked bike ride was a collaboration between the World Naked Bike Ride group, which rode on the twelfth of June 2004, and the Manifestación Ciclonudista with its event on the nineteenth. The WNBR group is a creation by Conrad Schmidt to help coordinate a large international naked bike ride between many different activist groups across the world. Check it out!:

Q: Do I have to ride NAKED?

A: NO. PNBR is a BARE AS YOU DARE event. One of the best aspects of the Philly Naked Bike Ride is how creative people get with being nude in public. Have a good time and have fun with paint, hats, costumes, sunglasses and anything else you can think of. Carry your clothes with you though, in case you wind up having a bike malfunction or needing to stop at a store to use the bathroom or grab some water, etc.

Q: Is this LEGAL?

A: Well, we can only speak from experience. Our past 10 rides have gone without incident, and have been a blast. You can read Pennsylvania code at and decide how bare you will dare. Please don’t be lewd, obscene, or engage in any sexual activity – that is an arrestable offense, it’s against our Code of Conduct, and we will enforce this law.

Q: Who can participate?

A: PNBR is accessible to all levels of cycling prowess: if you’re a team cyclist, alley cat hero, bike nerd, or a bicycle commuter — PNBR has something for everyone. Other modes of people powered transportation are welcome also.

Q: Do I have to register or sign-up for the ride?

A: No, just show up on the day of the ride.

Q: Do I have to register if I am a photographer/videographer and/or with the media?

A: If you are with the media, please wear your media badge and have fun covering our event! Please abide by our Code of Conduct for the safety and comfort of our riders.

We will no longer be providing passes to photographers not associated with the media. It’s gotten very crowded in the past with too many photographers in the bodypainting area, and prefer to let our riders have a a more fluid space to have fun and get ready for the ride. You are welcome to take photographs if you are riding and have consent from your subject.

Q: Is there a fee to participate?

A: PNBR is free to all. However, donations are welcome to help in the successful organization of the ride. There’s more information at this link: Support

Q: Why is it called a naked bike ride if not everyone is naked?

A: It’s an invitation to be naked but we’re not going to be militant about nudity. We want people to be as comfortable and have as much fun as possible, no matter how much or how little of their body is exposed.

Q: Isn’t it uncomfortable to sit on a bike seat naked?

A: Not really. You should try it! Otherwise we recommend wrapping something soft around your seat, such as a t-shirt, a bandana, a swatch of velvet, or anything else that will make your bum feel happy. If you are renting a bike, we strongly recommend wrapping your seat.

Q: How fast or how long is the ride?

A: The ride is a slow, conversational pace. It meanders through the city of Philadelphia for a total of about 10 miles. At this rate, it typically takes about 2 hours for the front of the group to get from the starting location to the ending location. It is NOT a race by any means! In fact, we keep it slow on purpose: Nearly half of our riders are new to cycling, which is exciting because one of the goals is to get more people interested in using bikes as a mode of transport. However, that means that they may be a little wobbly on two wheels. We also want people of all abilities to be able to participate.

What we have found in the past is that when the people in the front go any faster than a crawl, it creates a gap between the faster group in the front and the slower group in the back. Cars coming from different directions then try to squeeze through this gap in the column, making it very dangerous for the riders who happen to be somewhere along the edges of that gap at the moment. An important goal is to keep all 2,000-4,000 riders safe. If we let the front group go fast, then the back group gets left in danger. So, if you like to go fast, sign up to be a street team member and you’ll get to zip up and down the column and speed ahead of the pack! Otherwise please plan on relaxing and enjoying the ride. If you’re new to a bike or it’s been a while, you will be in good company!

P.S. Want to be a speed demon at the Naked Bike Ride? Volunteer for the Street Team! You’ll get to zip along the side of the column, speed ahead to block traffic and everyone will thank you! If you’re interested send a request via E-mail with Volunteer in the subject line to or, and we will be in contact!

Q: What should I do to prepare for the ride?

1. Read and follow this: Code of Conduct

2. Make sure your bike works.

3. You might want to pack these things:

Clothes for after the ride
A way to carry your clothes with you or on your bike
Shoes, Helmet (highly recommended), Cash,  Phone, Water, Patch kit, Bandaids, Sunblock, Bug spray, Decorations for your body and your bike

Don’t want to carry a backpack? Wrap your stuff in a plastic bag and duct tape it to your frame.

Q: I don’t have a bike/ I don’t know how to ride. Can I still participate?

A: Of course you can! We welcome all forms of Human-Powered transportation. You can bike, rollerblade/skate, skateboard, ride a scooter, jog… heck, you could probably walk it! But please, NOT in bare feet!

Q:What’s the route?

A: The starting location and route will be announced 24 hours before the ride. Please follow us on Social Media and this page for all updates.

Q: Where is a good spot for me to watch the ride?

A: Once we have a 2019 route, we’ll post prime viewing locations here.  Some of them will be:

  • Independence Hall
  • 5th St. Tunnel (if it’s not flooded)
  • Rittenhouse Square
  • City Hall
  • Logan Circle

Q: How many people participate in the Philly Naked Bike Ride?

A: When the organizers planned the first PNBR back in 2009, they anticipated between 200 and 300 riders. Instead they got 2,000. Since then we have had between 2,000-3,500 riders every year.

Q: Are there any travel discounts if I’m coming from out of town?

A. Amtrak has stopped offering discounts to Conventions and Rides of any kind.  The 2018 PNBR was one of the last to have a discount.

Q: I have a question that isn’t addressed here. Who can I contact for more info?

A: Send us and email:

Congratulations! You made it to the end of the FAQ’s! Now go out there and invite your friends and tell them why they’ll love riding with us.

Wildfire Sponsored us! Again! :)

Get bodypainted for free at Philly Naked Bike Ride on Sep 9 thanks to Wildfire Lighting, our super amazing and generous sponsor! We used their paint last year and it was so beautiful! Check out our social media channels for details on the pre-ride festivities where you can get painted!

If you want to see more bodypaint photos from last year’s ride check out the recent post on the Bodypaint.Me website!

PNBR 2017 is one month away!

We are one month away from this year’s Philly Naked Bike Ride. That went by fast! We are excited to see you all, and we hope to make this the biggest year so far!

It’s time for Photographers to register for their Photo Pass. Why? Over the last two years, we’ve asked photographers to show samples of their work, and we do vet all submissions to ensure that those permitted are going to take beautiful, and respectful photos of our riders. Go to the Photo Pass link on this page and complete a pass request. Once reviewed, you’ll receive an affidavit to sign and return to us. We will not have paper affidavits at the ride, so bring it to the pre-ride or email it back ahead of the ride. We’ll see you there!!

We need volunteers!! Our dedicated and hardworking volunteers are essential to making the ride, and pre-ride a success. We’re looking for a few more Street Team riders to keep the column moving and together. We also need help for Pre-Ride Setup, and Medical. We’ll supply the First Aid kits! Just bring yourself, and your positive vibes!


If you are volunteering for Street Team specifically, send an email here after you’ve signed up on SignUp:

We’d like you to be a part of the final meeting so you can meet the rest of the team, and know your team assignment for the ride.

Thank you! We’ll see you on September 9th!

PNBR #9 is happening on…

Join us on Saturday, September 9th, 2017 for the 9th Annual Philly Naked Bike Ride! We’re taking the streets again to promote a Clean Earth, Concious Fuel Consumption, Cycling Advocacy, and Body Positivity! We ride at 5pm.

Follow us here, and on social media for more details as they become available.