PNBR 2023!

Our winter hibernation went a little longer than we expected this year, but we’re moving and the 2023 Philly Naked Bike Ride is on! Join us on August 26, 2023. As always, we will release the starting location and route 24 hours before ride time.

Many asked last year on how they could contribute and we hadn’t set anything up. We’re getting ahead of that this year! If you’re inclined, please visit our GoFundMe campaign for this year’s event. Everything helps, and goes towards starting point permits, paint, and pre ride supplies. Thank you for all of your support.

We will see you in exactly four months!! 8.26.23 LET’S GO!!

Afterparty Announcement!

It’s that time! One of PNBRs original founders, and resident Fun Maker, @stephillyirwin is hosting The Steph Irwin Presents: Philly Naked Bike Ride Afterparty! Immediately after the ride, join us at @fillmorephilly for a Naked Dance Party, drinks, and food trucks. We’re so excited, it’s going to be a massive day of fun. Tickets are on sale now. $15 advanced/ $20 at the door.

Details about the afterparty, food vendors, and other concessions will be posted on the website as they are confirmed. End of ride parking information will also be posted on the PNBR website.

The Swag Site is LIVE!

The merch site is live! This is our “fundraising”, so if you’d like to, and are able to support, check out the link in the profile for some awesome swag! Tees, tanks, mugs, Fanny pack and totes, and even BUTT TOWELS are available now! If you’re asking “Why would I want a butt towel?”… we have an announcement coming this weekend, and you asked for butt towels the last time. So check it out!!

Use PNBRMerchLaunch2022 for 10% off till July 30th!

Thank you so much for your support! We appreciate you!

See ya on 8.27.22! We ride at 5!

PNBR 2022…

will be on August 27th, 2022! We can’t wait to ride with you again! As always, pre-ride festivities will begin around 2-2:30 pm, the ride will start promptly at 5 pm. We’ll meander them city for 10 ish miles. It might be a little more this year 🙂

Be sure to follow our social media pages for all ride info!

Thank you for Riding!

Oh what a night?! Incredible!

Thank you, PNBR!! Thank you for showing up with enthusiasm, love, and joy! This was such a great way to finish Summer of 2021, and something we all needed to remind us of what we have to look forward to.

To our favorite activist and PMA Pizza Man, @joecoxanactivistforequity thank you for giving us a peek into your life and spreading the word about PNBR. You’re our local celebrity, and we don’t doubt that strangers will continue to ask you why you’re wearing clothes or when the next ride is. 😆

Street Team/Organizers.. thank you!! The summer months of meetings and test rides were full of joy. Andrew, Carl, Dasey, Janice, Joe, Mike, Paul, Steve… thank you for putting in the road time to test and tweak the route. You kept this ride moving, and it was exhilarating! To the organizers who come together over six months each year to bring this together… thank you for your time and dedication! The collective knowledge is what makes PNBR better each year.

To our Lead Facilitator, Wesley, you were wonderful! You developed a KICK ASS route, and your sunny attitude brought us together again over months of planning and testing. Thank you for your hard work, and leading us through a great day!

Thank you @ravenlounge!! We hope our riders kept you busy, and brought their joy to the afterparty! Here’s to many more!🍻

We look forward to Pre-Rides where you can paint a stranger, mingle, give random hugs, and unmasked events so we can see each other’s smiles again. We hope next year, is back to the normal that we’re used to. But you know what, if The Rona is still lingering, your presence yesterday showed us we can do what we love no matter what. Thanks again, and we’ll see you next year!

Be Healthy
Be Safe
Be Naked


PNBR 2021 is Here!

Tomorrow is the big day! We haven’t seen you in two years, and we’re so excited that PNBR is back!

Let’s get to why you’re here: we will see you at Glendinning Rock Garden starting at 4:30 PM, tomorrow 8.28.21. We ride at 5 PM!

As announced last week, we will not be having a pre-ride this year. We encourage you to come painted/decorated and ready to ride. Please remember to wear a mask; the City of Philadelphia mandated it, and we just want to have a safe and fun day! There is a Mask Contest happening, so bring your A-Game.

The ride will end at Matthias Baldwin Park, on 19th St just north of Callowhill. Once we arrive at the end point, please get dressed and proceed to your next destination… which should be the AFTERPARTY at The Raven Lounge! Clothing Optional- All Night Long. No Cover Charge. Masks Required! $5 Lagers!

We hope you have a wonderful day! It’s been a wild year and a half; let’s end the summer right with sun on our backs and smiles on our faces!

Getting ready for 2021! 8.28.21

We’re a few days away from the ride! Are you getting excited to ride naked (or barely naked)? There are some things that you should do to prepare for the ride.

The ride is free and there is NO Registration. Just show up and have fun! Due to Covid, and recent restrictions, there will be no pre-ride. Please arrive at the starting location after 4:30 p.m. we ride at 5pm. The starting location and route will be announced 24 hours prior to the start of the ride. Bring a mask! If you’re feeling creative, we’re having a mask contest. See link below ⬇️

19103!! We start and end within 2 flat miles of this zip code.

Items to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your bike works.
  • If you need to rent a bike, check with local bike shops for daily rentals. Please wrap your seat!
  • Please keep your clothes/phone/keys with you in case you need to leave the ride or if you get separated from your group!
  • Things you’d normally have on a bike ride: helmet, patch/tube, water, sunblock, etc.

PNBR 2021 Check In!

We’re getting a flood of emails asking about parking, lodging, afterparties, etc…

19103 is the answer to all of your burning questions. We’re starting and ending within 2 flat-ish miles of that zip code!

The route is over 10 miles. So start warming up now 🌈🚲🍑😎

Regarding afterparties… We started planning late, unsure about what a ride would even look like this year. One thing that was clear to the organizers is that we’d like to support Philly Restaurants and Bars. Covid hit the industry hard, and many establishments closed (including a past PNBR host). We’re doing our best to find establishments that can host riders, but we’re not ready to make an announcement yet. We don’t want to overwhelm any business, and we want to make sure they can handle an influx. Wherever you choose to go… be kind, tip your server, and be sure to tell them PNBR brought you to Philly for the evening! 😁